No Ordinary Love!

From pervertere, ‘turn around’; alteration from an original course; corruption or distortion; abnormal or unacceptable desire. For its first themed release, The Brink seeks critical and creative work organized around perversion, expansively imagined.

You may find perversion in an onscreen representation, in a critical method, or in a way of looking at or living with objects and others. Topics may include any stains or departures that themselves reinforce what is normative, sanitary, or virtuous.

You may also approach our theme, No Ordinary Love!, as an imperative: a call to extraordinary liaisons, intimacies, impulses, and attachments.

Submissions may be multimedia; written submissions and pitches should comply with our general guidelines. Pitch deadline: May 24, 2015. Submissions: June 15, 2015. Ro$es for accepted contributors.

Please direct all submissions, pitches, and inquiries to: